How To Tour The RBS Museum

The Online Museum consists of lots of photographs and descriptions of objects and people. Typically items are arranged as shown below with a thumbnail photograph of an object or person in the middle, a text box on the left has the name of the object or person, a text box on the right that if clicked typically links to recorded video or sound, and the main text box below that briefly describes the object or person and if you click inside the text box takes you to a more detailed story from the Rhythm Bones Player Newsletter. You can click on the thumbnail photograph and if there are more photographs they will display full screen.


Currently the most complete pages are the first two and a half PLAYER pages.


Currently the RBS Home button above does not work.


There are a minimum of links on individual pages and you should return to the Museum Home by clicking Museum Home above to navigate to a different object or person.


Later there will be a general Google search function to directly search for a specific object or person.


To EXIT from links that show pages from the Rhythm Bones Player Newsletter or from other PDFs; Press your BACK BUTTON.


NOTE: This is a work in progress and more objects, people, photographs, video, audio and documents will be added as time permits.  You can help by letting us know of items that should be added to the Museum.


NOTE:  At this time, the Museum is being tested on a PC.  While some pages may work on a vertical smartphone, some work better (but not perfect yet)  when it is horizontal.  Again more function as time permits.


Link to Content

The doggie bone to the left if it appears on a Page is a link to click to go to another page.

Click thumbnail for  1 to 12 more photos

Name of Object or Person


Click to Link to video or audio

This text box contains a brief description of the object or person shown in the thumbnail photograph. If you click the text you will link to a story about the object or person from the Rhythm Bones Player Newsletter.